Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Creative Process

It’s my writing day. Wednesday. And here I sit, not writing. I have stared at the blank page for 10 minutes. I have checked my email, looked at new sites to host my blog, checked Facebook about a hundred times (I know, I know!), looked for some inspiration on Pinterest, and checked the news. Bupkiss. I’ve just got nothing to write about today. Ok, well, nothing I want to write about today.

I could do a book review… nah. Another recipe? No, they’re all out of season anyway. And see there? I just sat there for 2 minutes staring at the screen because I can’t think what to write about not being able to write. I mean, come on, I have the whole day ahead of me, and nothing to do but write. It’s something new I’m doing, setting aside a day. I have all my chores done, or scheduled for another day. I have turned off my phone, I have banished my husband to his office. The TV is off. There is no music playing. I have a cup of hot tea at my elbow, a belly full of breakfast, and my laptop is at the ready. Stiiiiiill ready. Yup. Staring at my screen.

You know what? Sometimes the creative process really sucks. My mother is a potter. In her studio, whenever I visit, there is almost always evidence of the vagaries of the creative process. My favorite are the lumps of clay that have clearly been whipped off the wheel and thrown against the wall in frustration. She lets them dry there, and then every so often, carefully cleans them off and recycles the clay. She says it’s rather therapeutic. I believe it, but I don’t think my laptop would fare nearly as well.

Seriously, three hundred words about not being able to write, now. This is getting ridiculous. Maybe I should go out and see if the ground is thawed in the garden? NO. It is Wednesday. It is writing day. Ugh.


  1. Thank you for this. You noticed its common to artistic process. I am glad you are sticking to it.

  2. Oy, i feel ya on this one.
    Alas that laptops cannot be thrown :(